Mobile Development

Maoz is a network of leaders from all population groups and sectors of Israeli society, in collaboration with Atudot Le’Israel, that builds trust among decision-makers and creates changes and multi-sector solutions for citizens and systems in four core areas: local governance, health, education, and employment


As Maoz network grew it became a difficult task to find colleges in order to create an ad-hok team that will collaborate in order to make an impact. Maoz team already started implementing an application using standard tools such as WordPress and were disappointed to see that the network members are not using it. They needed something else.


The project consisted of designing and building a state of the art native mobile application that fits the network members like a glob. The application is synced on an ongoing basis with the network CRM system where Maoz keeps all the network data. But now, each member can modify the data in a self-service model, so the management team has a much clearer view of the member’s capabilities and needs. With a native instant messaging tool, the team members can now create a chat group with any of the network members easily, can find the right person to help them in their initiative (using top-notch search based on elastic)


Maoz has managed to scale the collaboration between its members as the organization keeps growing. The usage rate of the application is very high and user satisfaction is rising. The organization keeps adding features such as a smart get-to-know recommendation, smart group combiner, and personal content recommendation. The application is running over Microsoft azure, managed in the safe hands of the Ravtech devOps team, and scales up as the needs arise.

What the Customer Says

Maoz are very satisfied with RavTech’ services.