Navigation Systems

End-to-End Project

Mobile Development 

Oriient provides real-time location awareness services for easy and accurate navigation of large indoor environments, building the first truly scalable Indoor GPS.



Oriient required an end-to-end platform with two product SDKs, and two demo apps to be able to present a compelling business case to potential customers and investors. In January 2017, they contracted RavTech to build the SDKs and the front-end demo apps.


For the development team at RavTech, the first leg of the project consisted of developing the code, creating mapping tools, testing them, and producing the front-end including the ability to show real-time location on the map. The RavTech team needed to learn the sensors and communications. Next, they created extremely accurate binary samples from the sensor communication, merging data from various sensor types with different communication capabilities to generate accurate mapping data in real-time.

RavTech created the user interface from scratch, without the use of libraries, since Oriient required a custom-built UI; including all standard map features such zoom in/out, changes to scale, etc., and a full SDK library with easily accessible documentation.


Within six months, RavTech built two product SDKs, along with two demo apps. As a result, Oriient completed seed funding round and engage first customers.

What the Customer Says

“RavTech showed great dedication throughout the whole project,” says Amiram Frish, CTO, and VP of R&D at Oriient. “We felt at every step that they were working for one goal – our success, and that they were willing to invest every resource to get the work done.”